Donate to the Orly Taitz Super PAC.

We have been overwhelmed by the interest shown in the Taitz race for Attorney General. Significant direct donations have been received through civic and patriotic organizations across the state and this will be our primary means of fundraising. Please continue your support, as we continue to build organizational relationships throughout the state. Be ready when your name is called!

We've been asked quite a bit about online donations, but Orly Taitz has repeatedly been warned that PayPal online contributions can be hacked and diverted. Candidate Taitz warns:

Now my yahoo account was hacked again, pirated, spam e-mails from Spain were sent.... Someone took over my foundation web site and replaced my paypal with hers.

Online contributions are simply not secure, particularly for small organizations such as ours who cannot hire full-time security experts.

Thank YOU for your support!

Our supporters:

Alfred L - Modesto CA

Thank you so much for your site. I hope you will publish lots more articles abourt Orly. They have her site blocked at work, so I have to get my news from you. I have set up a $10 per month auto contribution. I hope it helps to get the word out. We need Orly so much!

Malcolm F - San Francisco CA

Enclosed is my check for $624, which I am sending to you instead of to ObamaCare. It will do you more good, I think. Once Taitz is elected, we won't have to pay Obama to stay out of the death panels.

Carmen M - Colombia

We in the rest of the world are too anxious about the American usurpador Obama. I and my associates are pleased and overwhelming in support of Orly Taitz who I am sure will be best for our interests. Please accept this small token of our suppoort.

Mark J - Yuba City

I am very thankful that I have the opportunity to contribute to the Super PAC and not be restricted by the limits on regular campaign committees. Here's my check: use it well.

Pat M - Yuba City

I was real excited at the presentation at the Protect Our Freedoms Foundation workshop in Yuba City. What your doing is very important and I just wish I had more dollars to spare.