Orly Taitz for California Attorney General!

It was joke, folks

For the clueless (like Orly Taitz) who haven't figured it out already, the Orly Taitz Super PAC is a political spoof, and not a real political action committee: The fundraising was fake, the supporters were fake and the "patriotic presentations" at meetings in California were fake. The only thing real about the Orly Taitz Super PAC were the bumper stickers, which were actually printed.

I want to thank the anonymous individual who contributed the header artwork for the site. It made a big difference. I subsequently learned who the artist was, and that he is not supporter of Orly Taitz either.

This site was done full knowing that Orly Taitz had no chance to win and that the site would not influence the election, and now with the election over, that is painfully confirmed. Taitz got only a miserable 3.1% of the vote. I don't think she tried much more than the Orly Taitz Super PAC did to get herself elected. It was pure vanity and publiciity seeking on her part.

What I didn't expect was that the credulous Taitz would give a shout out  to this web site in her omnibus lawsuit in Mississippi and confuse it with what appears to be another effort to "punk the Taitz," the imaginary Protect Our Freedoms Foundation. So for the record:

  1. The Orly Taitz Super PAC raised no money whatever, nor had any mechanism to make donations.
  2. The Orly Taitz Super PAC never hacked Orly Taitz' Google Account, changed her address, nor is related to the Protect Our Freedoms Foundation (which probably doesn't exist anyway).
  3. The sole activities of the Orly Taitz Super PAC were this web site and printing a few bumper stickers given to friends.